Jeremy Clarkson breaks silence following planning appeal hearing

Jeremy Clarkson has shared his thoughts on the widely-covered planning meeting that's been taking place as he tries to expand his Diddly Squat Farm Shop.
I'd never have thought so much of the country would be invested in the size of a car park, but here we are.

The saga began after Clarkson sought planning permission from West Oxfordshire District Council to extend the parking area and other features of his shop near Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire.

The former Top Gear host has received mixed responses with regards to the request, with one local claiming people came to the area to 'show off their cars' and block roads, saying: "I don't think the people who come are particularly respectful.

"They come in their cars with their souped-up engines - they are motorheads, they are not here to support our little farm shop."

On the flip side, one Twitter user stressed the need for a bigger car park as they shared a clip of cars lined along country roads near the shop, writing: "And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why @JeremyClarkson #DiddleySquatFarm needs a car park!! Parking on a main, busy road and also on private property to get off the road."

The frustrated customer tagged the council and said the situation was 'putting lives at bloody risk', but Clarkson's request to extend the car park was initially denied.
He launched an appeal which then resulted in the meeting this week, responding to the Twitter user to say: "Fingers crossed."

When asked last night (15 March) how the hearing had gone, Clarkson responded: "The coverage makes it sound like a civil war is raging."

Coverage of the situation at the farm shop has included accusations from Oxfordshire council that the Amazon show Clarkson’s Farm had 'mislead' viewers with the way one of the planning meetings was depicted, as well as news that death threats have been sent to some of the people who opposed the expansions.
Clarkson cut to the point as he spoke out on Twitter about the events, writing: "The truth: a compromise will be reached."

He also responded to another curious Twitter user who asked for an update 'regarding the car park', to which Clarkson wrote: "It’s not just the car park. It’s the loos. And the seating. And the mobile food van that turns our cows into burgers. Scary times."
The presenter has previously apologised to customers of the shop for the lack of parking available at the site, claiming local police were 'on [his] side' and asking that people don't park on the main road.

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