Jeremy Clarkson begs farmers for help after birth of newborn pigs on Diddly Squat farm

Jeremy Clarkson is begging for help after the birth of newborn pigs left him seriously puzzled.
There’s a litter of new arrivals over at Diddly Squat farm today, after one of Clarkson’s pigs gave birth to piglets.

But in a concerning turn of events, the 62-year-old TV presenter said the sow showed ‘signs of distress’.

Early on Saturday morning, Clarkson tweeted a call out to pig farmers for some much-needed advice.
Posting at 1:34 AM, he said: “Pig farmers. Help. It’s been nearly two hours since our first piglet was born. The sow is in some distress. What do we do?”

The tweet quickly accumulated over 3.3 million viewers and over 18,800 likes. The replies were filled with advice but maybe not the tips Clarkson was hoping for.

"Unfortunately, not much you can do. Could be a multitude of things, impossible to know without hands on/detailed description,” one fan replied. “Unless you can get a vet at 2:30 am on a Saturday. Try to keep her calm and comfortable until a vet is available and prey they make it till morning."

Another Twitter user wrote: “As most have said, call a vet. Likely it's going to involve lubing up an arm and reaching in to pull piglets out.”
A third commenter suggested that the next piglet might be stuck. “You’ll need to pull it out. #gloves on…” they wrote.

While a tech-savvy follower suggested turning to an artificial intelligence chatbot for advice. “ChatGPT it,” they quipped.

Although not everyone wanted to make light of the situation. “Call a vet. Don’t ask punters on Twitter,” a Twitter user declared.

"Clarkson is genuinely asking a question and the lot of you are using humor. Have some respect y'all," a social media user penned.

But some folks thought that Clarkson was basically teasing what’s in store for the upcoming third series of Clarkson's Farm. Spoiler alert - there may be piglets. “Do you really think he is asking Twitter for help,” another person theorised. “He is dropping spillers for next season and you falling for it hook line and sinker.”

The Clarkson’s Farm star hasn’t provided any further updates on his sow and her babies since the initial tweet earlier this morning, which has made some fans extremely concerned.
“Woken up to see that no other sweets have been done on the piglet situation,” one response began. “How’s it going? What do we have to watch season three of Clarkson’s farm to find out? Nevertheless, I hope everything is good.” Similarly, another user asked: “How is your sow and piglet now?” The piglet situation is a touchy subject for the former Top Gear presenter, who shattered the hearts of fans in January when he ‘brutally’ announced the death of the farm’s first baby pig.
Although he’s not exactly known for his tact, fans were still left gasping when he shared a picture of the little piglet with the caption. “She’s died.”

With that said, we’re hoping the sow and piglets are doing well!

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