Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Pull Out of Escrow on Dream Home, Sparking Breakup Rumors

Is the honeymoon finally over for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck? That's what some think after news broke that the pair had pulled out of escrow on their multimillion dollar dream home just days before closing. People have been speculating about their relationship since Ben's glum appearance at the Grammys earlier this year, and it doesn't seem to be looking up.

TMZ broke the news about the canceled closing.

According to the celebrity gossip site, Ben and Jen have backed out of escrow on their eye-popping $34.5 million mansion after having second thoughts about the property.

Sources claimed that the duo were set to close at the start of March but they called things off just days before.

They seemed totally in love with the house back when they were first spotted there.

Ben, Jen, and a handful of their kids were photographed playing around on the property back in the middle of February.

Ben was snapped recording Seraphina, Emme, and Max as the trio goofed off on skateboards outside the house while Jennifer looked on. It seemed like they'd finally found their home sweet home at the time, but now it sounds like they're back on the hunt for a new place.
Sources say they may be looking at other prospects.

Apparently, Ben and Jen were worried that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence, as they were spotted touring another nearby property just days before walking away from their future home.

This gives us hope that the pair were having second thoughts about the house and not their relationship.
They may have already fallen in love with a new place.

Sources tell TMZ that the newly married couple have already entered into escrow on another property. Although they haven't clarified whether it was the same house they were spotted at, TMZ does know that at least one of the properties the pair toured was listed for more than twice than the one they walked away from.

That tells us that Ben and Jen are confident in their relationship if they're willing to make such a major investment.

There has been so much speculation about their relationship.

We've always had a soft spot for Bennifer ever since their initial early aughts coupling. And while we're loving their decades-in-the-making love story, we still can't help but worry for the pair after reading all of the rumors about the stability of their romance.

Hopefully the last-minute switch with the house was about the structure itself and had nothing to do with their romantic footing. We're rooting for Bennifer 2.0 to be the real deal this time around!

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