Jeffree Star hits out Hailey Bieber in brutal video and declares he's 'team Selena'

Jeffree Star has made his stance on the Hailey Bieber and Selena Gomez feud abundantly clear - and there's absolutely no doubting he's firmly #TeamSelena.

The YouTuber and make-up mogul, 37, took to TikTok to share his opinion on Hailey's Rhode skincare brand and didn't hold back in his fiery takedown.

Seamlessly inserting himself in the internet's latest drama - after Hailey was accused of shading Selena online after fans pitted them against one another - Jeffree made sure everyone knows where his allegiance lies.

In the TikTok video - which was briefly removed for "review" before being reinstated by the video-sharing platform - Jeffree brutally called Hailey's product line boring before literally throwing it in the trash.

After encouraging his Instagram followers to check out the TikTok review, Jeffree later revealed that it had been temporarily removed while it was being reviewed.

He sarcastically added: "I've never had this happen to a video so I don't know what that means... I mean, I do, but like, what's offensive? My honesty? Did Hailey's PR team already attack it? What's happening?"

Jeffree later confirmed that he had bought the set himself and it was not sent to him as a PR package, but he could use it as a tax write-off so it was "basically free".

In a follow-up Instagram Story, he told his followers: "I just think it's so amusing how hard people ride for these f**king people. You think Hailey gives a f**k about any of y'all? She ain't writing y'all, she ain't messaging y'all, and she don't give a f**k about me because she's stacked, miss thing."

Doubling down, he added: "But no, I think that she just genuinely looks miserable, the skincare is awful, and it just looked like a shoe box.

"So I was like, I guess we have no creativity and a lot of money, and you've never worked hard - that's what it's giving, so... it's no hate, it's just the truth!"

Jeffree also confirmed he will be reviewing Selena's Rare Beauty products in a future video also - and here's hoping that one won't be quite as cutting.

Selena and Hailey's feud has been rumbling on in recent weeks, after fans started noticing some apparently shady posts from Hailey and her friends.

After trolls targeted vacation photos of Selena with body-shaming comments, Hailey and Kendall Jenner shared a TikTok lipsyncing to the sound: "I'm not saying she deserved it but God's timing is always right," which they insisted was merely an unintended coincidence.

After Selena shared a video telling fans she had accidentally laminated her eyebrows "too much", Kylie Jenner shared a photo with the words "this was an accident?" next to her own eyebrows, before sharing a screenshot of her and Hailey's eyebrows, but again claimed it was not intentional and said she hadn't even seen Selena's original post.

Selena had also spoken out to ask fans to be kind in their comments, before taking some time off social media, telling them she was "too old" for the drama.

The root of the pair's apparent feud was the fact Selena used to date Hailey's husband Justin Bieber, which caused fans to pit the two women against each other in the resulting years.

It's safe to say Jeffree is pulling no punches when it comes to giving his own opinion on the beef...

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