Jamie Lee Curtis calls for musicians to do matinee shows so they don't run into her bedtime

Jamie Lee Curtis has recently urged musicians to start doing matinee shows so that she can still get to bed at a decent hour.

The 64-year-old opened up about her request during two separate interviews this week, telling outlets that she would prefer a nice ol' concert or performance in the afternoon as opposed to late at night.

"I am gonna just say this now as a taunt and as a suggestion. U2, do a matinee. Coldplay, do a matinee. What about a 12-noon concert, Coldplay? What about it?", asked the actress while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the Independent Spirit Awards red carpet on Saturday.

"Bruce Springsteen, do a f****** matinee! You're old! Why wouldn't you let me come see you, Bruce Springsteen, in your glory days — pun intended — and do it at noon or one o'clock? Two o'clock! Two o'clock matinee," added the Everything Everywhere All At Once star.

"Theatre in New York, two o'clock! I will come and hear your five-hour concert, Bruce, at two o'clock, and I'm gonna be home and in bed by 7:30."
During another interview with Today, Curtis also re-emphasized her stance on the issue, stating that she "challenges" artists to follow through with her request.

Curtis asked: "Why are there no matinees? For instance, I love Coldplay. I would love to go see Coldplay. The problem is, I'm not gonna go see Coldplay if they start their show at nine o'clock and there's an opening act.

She continued: "I want to hear Coldplay at 1 PM. I think if we filled a stadium with people who want to see a matinee of Coldplay, I think we would start a trend."

And it seems as though this whole late-night fiasco is actually proving to be a slight hindrance for Curtis as she revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that she recently turned down an invitation to attend this year's Oscar nominees' dinner because of how late the event was.

"Now you might say, 'Jamie, you're nominated for an Academy Award, you're going to be in the room with only nominees for the Academy Award,' and I have declined. Why? Because mommy goes to bed early," said Curtis.
The 64-year-old has been nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the comedy-drama film, Everything Everywhere All at Once, which marks her first ever Oscar nomination.

Speaking to Variety's Awards Circuit Podcast ahead of the prestigious night, the actress thanked her fellow co-star, Michelle Yeoh for the recognition she's received.

"Michelle Yeoh is the reason that for the rest of my life, you will say, ‘Oscar-nominated actress Jamie Lee Curtis,'" she told the outlet.

Curtis will go head-to-head with Angela Bassett, Kerry Condon, Stephanie Hsu, and Hong Chau for the award.

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