It rained worms in China: What is this strange phenomenon?

Let’s discuss some videos that have gone viral because they feature incredibly and strange natural phenomena. The series of videos we are referring to appear to be evidence of a rain of worms in China. Yup, you read that right. As in a supposed storm of worms raining down on the inhabitants of a city in China. Of course, people on the internet are freaking out because it’s not normal for worms to fall like rain.

But, what is the real story behind the images that have people wondering what the heck is going on? There’s got to be a logical reason behind it all or else all the netizens crying “Apocalypse!” are right. Check out the images yourself and let’s make like a worm and dig deep into this mystery!

Some cars were found covered in what appears to be worms.

It all went down in Beijing, China. In the clips that have been spread through social media, you can see a row of cars completely covered in what appear to be a whole lot of slimy worms. You can also see the squirmy creatures on the ground as well as on houses and buildings.

What’s up with this worm storm?

According to reports from media like the newspaper El Heraldo, Beijing residents were told it was recommended to leave their home with umbrellas. Good advice if you don’t want to accidentally end up with worms on you. It should be noted that the Chinese authorities have not clarified what what the deal with all the worms is, but theories have already begun to emerge.

The storm raised questions about whether the end of the world is near.

Netizens were quick to draw their own conclusions and the prevailing theory was that the rain of worms is the beginning of the end of the world. Twitter users chimed in with prophecies like: "The end of the world is getting closer.” As you may know, the Bible mentions several natural disasters for the end of time, so many who are familiar with passages got scared..

¿Tiene que ver con la Luna llena del gusano?

One Twitter user explains what the full worm moon is as follows: “Do you know why this next Full Moon is called a Worm Moon? In some countries of the northern hemisphere the soil begins to thaw and the worms begin to emerge during this March Moon. That's all.” This year, the full worm moon will occur on March 7.

An explanation has emerged that is thankfully not terrifying.

According to some netizens, it was actually not a storm of worms, but poplar flowers that are very similar in shape to the squirmy critters and in the rainy season they fall from their branches and give the impression that a bunch of worms fell from the sky.

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