Influencer Emma Chamberlain leaves fans shocked after charging $10,000 for a DM

Emma Chamberlain has seemingly shut down her online store temporarily after being roasted online for the amount she charges for an Instagram DM.
Content creator and social media personality Emma Chamberlain may have only risen to fame on YouTube several years ago in 2018, but she's already gained a pretty hefty following and has become a well-known name - now set to branch out further and open an online store called 'Anything Goes'.

However, sadly, not everything goes just because you become a famous content creator - certainly not charging the equivalent of several month's rent just for a private Instagram DM.
A social media user took to Chamberlain's online shop only to find a rather surprising item on sale, with a rather alarming price tag.

An item was listed as: "Personal thank you note from Emma in Instagram DM!"

And the price? Oh, just a mere $10,000.00 (£8,000) or if you'd prefer to pay via a plan: "From $902.58/month (£740/ month) with ShopPay instalments powered by Affirm."

Because amid a cost of living crisis in which energy and food prices are soaring, why not add another extortionate monthly outgoing to your financial woes?
And sure enough, it didn't take long for other social media users to quickly jump on the train of outrage over Chamberlain's Instagram DM price.

One Twitter user wrote: "My fav part about Emma Chamberlain charging $10K for a DM is that you have the option to finance it and pay $902.58 installments each month."

"If it was for charity i could see why someone would buy it but 10K is a lot of money. that’s more than what I made last year as a grad student," another argued.
A third added: "Sad to see Emma chamberlain become a sellout. Shameful."

"Hey man I don’t think I can go out tonight, I still got my monthly affirm payment for the emma chamberlain dm I got a couple months ago," a fourth said.

And a final added: "'My demographic is primarily girls my age, so like, teen girls, early 20s girls, but I randomly have some boys in there that are my age.' - Emma Chamberlain, 2021

"Literally WHO is this $10,000 DM marketed to if her audience is primarily young adult women and teenagers???"
However, one user theorised: "Am i the only one who thinks it’s obvious that some millionnaire dude asked emma chamberlain’s how much it would cost for her to send his daughter an instagram dm and they said, 'Idk 10k' and he said, 'Sold' so they had to make a skeleton for him to be able to pay."

Or, here's hoping Chamberlain accidentally pressed the '0' button a few too many times - three or four to be exact.

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