"I may be plus-size, but I have discovered dresses that make me feel confident and attractive. Although some trolls may not approve, their opinions do not affect my self-esteem."

A PLUS-SIZE woman tried on a new dress and loved it so much she couldn't help but say how good she looked. Asia J tried on the slinky white dress which hugged all her curves as she showed off the entire look on TikTok.
The one shoulder white dress looked stunning on the fashion fan, who paired it with gold stud earrings and a small handbag.

In the clip Asia said: "Do you ever get dressed and just be like, 'Damn I look good,' I did today."

"If I do say so myself, that's all that matters anyway," she captioned the video on her account @brwonhoneytv.

She then took a step back from the camera to show off the full look, including the other gold accessories she styled with the dress.

Plenty of viewers agreed the dress looked amazing on her curvy frame and praised her confidence.

"There is so much power in seeing yourself in the mirror and having self confidence, I envy that," one user commented.

But not everyone agreed the dress was a winner as mean trolls flooded the comment section comparing the dress to a bedsheet, a tent and even an iceberg.

One user jabbed: "I have the same wrap on my Honda."
And a second wrote: "They're some nice curtains, where did you get them?"

"Hey, I need that to set the table," someone else said.

Luckily, people defended Asia's outfit, and slammed the haters in the comments for being so cruel.

"People are rude, you're beautiful and the dress looks lovely so ignore the trolls," one user wrote.

Another agreed: "It's giving Greek goddess! Ignore the haters."

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