Halle Bailey Meets Young 'Little Mermaid' Fan Who 'Hugged Me So Tight' at Disney World

Halle Bailey literally felt what it means for kids to see her as the title character in the "Little Mermaid."

The actor and singer posted a video to her Instagram story March 24 of herself at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida holding a young girl named Mila Rose, who saw her at the park.
As they embrace for a long hug, Mila does not say anything. She lays her head on the Grammy-nominated artist's shoulder and wraps her arms and legs around Bailey's body.
The "Grown-ish" actor rocks Mila in her arms, rubs her back and smiles the whole time.

"You're so pretty," she says. "You're so beautiful and sweet."

Someone in the background tells the "Little Mermaid" star that Ariel is "her favorite" character.

"She won't let go," the person says.

The 22-year-old then asks Mila if she wants to smile for a picture. Mila's head pops up, and she turns toward a nearby camera.

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