Former Meta employee claims she was paid $190,000 salary to 'do nothing'

A woman who claims she used to work for Meta has alleged she got paid a massive $190,000 salary to 'do nothing'.

TikTok user Maddie (@maddie_macho) has shared a series of videos detailing her time at the company before she was laid off.

She claims to have been hired to be a recruiter on a cool $190,000 salary, but was told she wasn't expected to hire anyone for the first six months to a year.

Maddie explained: "That really blew my mind. I was like perfect, I'm just going to ride this out for a year - obviously I didn't make that - but you know."

"The expectation when you start is really that you're just learning and taking it all in."

Despite the team apparently not actually hiring anyone, they weren't immune to having several meetings - though she didn't elaborate much on what they entailed.

"The most that we did - and this is the crazy part - is that we had so many team meetings. Why are we meeting, we're not hiring nobody?! Just to hear how everybody else isn't hiring anybody?", she joked.

"Also, I was on a team where everybody was new so none of us were hiring anybody, we were all just trying to figure out things none of us knew the answers to. We'd ask our boss and she'd be like 'I don't know', because she was new too."

Despite revealing she was fired after six months, Maddie admitted: "I really miss it. I wasn't doing s**t pretty much. It was nice. I miss those days."

We can imagine most people would miss getting paid such a huge salary to literally just turn up to the office, to be honest.

Maddie revealed that she ended up getting fired due to her social media use after a TikTok she shared about the benefits of working for Meta went viral and she got pulled up for something else she'd shared on her story.

It comes after Meta made headlines this week after announcing that it would be axing another 10,000 jobs after already laying off 11,000 staff in December, per Daily Mail.

The next lot of lay offs mean that Meta will have let go of over 20,000 of its workers in recent months, with several of them taking to social media - like Maddie - to share their experience while working for the company.

Per Insider, Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg had reportedly previously warned employees that 2023 would be a "year of efficiency."

He said, according to the publication: "Whether you think you basically get good context for me on what we're trying to do and that I'm being honest and giving you my best expectation that that I can of things."

One employee is said to have asked Zuckerberg what had changed since November, when they were allegedly told the first round of firings would prevent further lay-offs like what happened this week.

He reportedly responded that it was a "valid question" and down to a "volatile economy", adding: "My guess is that we're not the only company that's going through multiple rounds of restructuring or things like that. I'm sure there are going to be a lot more as well over the long term."

Meta has yet to comment publicly on Maddie's claims.

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