Fans rush to Ciara's defense after trolls ridicule Oscars party dress

Ciara fans have rushed to the singer's defense following her appearance at the Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty.

Following Sunday night's 95th Academy Awards, many of the entertainment industry's finest attended the famed Oscars afterparty, including singer Ciara.

The 'Level Up' singer looked sensational as she arrived at the event in a very revealing crystal-covered Dundas gown that showcased her remarkable figure. The 37-year-old walked the carpet arm-in-arm with her husband, Russell Wilson.

The sheer dress was accompanied only by a pair of gloves, high heels, and a thong. And she looked INCREDIBLE.

Nonetheless, as we can't have nice things in this world, there were many social media users who were quick to criticise the married mom-of-three over her outfit choice.

Why have I mentioned the fact that she's married and a mother? Well, it seems that some social media users believed this was a good enough reason to attack Ciara for donning the gown. For example, after sharing a video of her dress to her Instagram page, one person commented: "Nahhhh that’s not how you represent the King on your arm. Save that for the single and thirsty chicks."

A second added: "So your husband didn't tell you to change cause no as another and wife ion care how famous you are it's giving inappropriate period."

"Nothing elegant about this look it’s tacky and screams I NEED ATTENTION," another added.

"I love Ciara but hell no....Russell you let you wife walk out naked....bro you got to step up," another commented, with a fifth adding: "No man in his rational mind would allow his wife to be seen in public looking that naked."

Apparently, it's the 1950s again, because there sure are a lot of people who think a woman's got to check her outfit choices by their husband first.

Many people even brought up the singer's faith, with one person writing: "Wow! This really sends a conflicting message... this is [a[ few days after you and your husband did the wonderful Christian visit to a confused."

Fortunately, Ciara's fans rushed to her defense.

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