Family Watches Footage From Doorbell Cam, Sees FedEx Driver 'Delivering' Their Lost Dog

Lisa Menzies was absolutely devastated when her beloved golden retriever, Catcher, got loose and ran away.
At the time of Catcher's escape, Lisa wasn't even in town. The Menzies were having some repairs done on their home in Castle Pines, Colorado, when the contractor left for lunch. He shut the front door behind him, but while he was gone, a gust of wind blew the front door open, and Catcher ran out and disappeared.

Upon hearing the news, Lisa feared the worst — that Catcher would get hit by a car or be stolen. Imagine how helpless she and her family felt knowing their dog was somewhere out there, all alone, and they couldn't even look for her!

But just when things seemed completely hopeless, Lisa received a message from ... her FedEx driver.

"I found your dog," his message read. "The address on her tag is where I'm going to take her."

When Lisa and her family returned home, they watched the footage recorded by their Ring doorbell camera.

Lisa was overwhelmed when she saw what this heroic FedEx driver did, and how much care he took, to make this very special home delivery.

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