‘Deranged’ new horror movie has viewers leaving theaters to vomit: ‘Hellish’

People are sending a warning to others after a new movie on Netflix has left viewers feeling sick, which isn't what you want when trying to relax.

Netflix can be both a blessing and a curse with its deep catalog leaving viewers entertained for hours before their favorite shows mysteriously get canceled.

There's also the issue of getting hooked by an enthralling series and that "next episode" button looks very enticing at 3:00 AM on a work night.

But one thing viewers aren't often prepared for is a movie that will leave them sick to their stomach, and that's exactly what some have encountered.

Those that are afraid of heights (which is a perfectly reasonable fear) are being urged not to watch the edge-of-your-seat survival thriller Fall, as it contains many people's worst nightmares.

See the trailer for Fall below:

The movie revolves around Becky and Hunter, played by Grace Caroline Currey and Virginia Gardner respectively, who climb to the top of a 2,000-foot radio tower to scatter the ashes of Becky's deceased husband Dan who was an avid climber.

If the thought of climbing that height isn't enough to get the palms sweating, when they reach the summit the ladder breaks, leaving them unable to climb back down.

To add insult to injury, the supplies they brought with them which included water, fall just out of reach and their phones don't work so neither woman can call for help.

Even Netflix itself is aware that the film might not sit right with those who have a healthy fear of heights, as the streaming giant tweeted: "Almost every single shot from Fall (2022) – a film about two women who get stranded after climbing to the top of a 2000ft radio tower – will make you feel a bit wobbly."

It would appear that those who have already seen the movie have been left feeling rather queasy, as one person penned: "Just watched the fall on Netflix...if you're scared of heights... don't watch."

"So, those of you who suggested or spoke about Fall on Netflix… yeh I’m blaming you for my high blood pressure," a second user wrote.

"I literally feel sick with vertigo after watching Fall on Netflix," a third said.

However, it would appear that if you can stomach the heights, it is a good film to watch as a fourth Twitter user said: "Fall on Netflix took me by surprise! One of the best films I’ve seen for a while. Takes a lot to keep me gripped these days and that it did. Really good twist too something else I love."

On the subject of great movies on Netflix, The Woman King - starring 57-year-old Viola Davis - is receiving critical acclaim but has been snubbed by the Oscars.

The movie also stars John Boyega, Lashana Lynch, and Hero Fiennes Tiffin and depicts the story of West African warrior women in the early 19th century.

"This awards season was an eye-opener," said Gina Prince-Bythewood, the director of The Woman King in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. "I've gotten so many texts and emails from people in the industry outraged by the Oscar nominations. Of course I'm disappointed. Who wouldn't be?"

The Oscars takes place this coming Sunday (March 12) as the awards season draws to a close.

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