Davina McCall admits she has orgasms in her sleep

Davina McCall admits she has orgasms in her sleep
Davina McCall is an open book, but her latest revelation may take her honesty to another level.

On her podcast Making The Cut, the 55-year-old got candid about her own anatomy.

Speaking to co-host and boyfriend Michael Douglas, the former Big Brother host made an admission about the regularity of her climaxes.
McCall said: "I’ve had an orgasm in my sleep - several. It’s great!

"This book you can pick up, put down, you can read a page and there’s always something on it that’s very helpful.

"It’s about everything about women and their vaginas and fertility — everything from sex, there’s quite a lot about sex, types of orgasm."

McCall has been noted for her openness in recent times, as she has spoken up about her experiences going through menopause and undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

At one point, McCall's 'brain fog' was so severe that she was convinced she had dementia.

Speaking of her symptoms, McCall said: "I didn’t feel myself. I remember feeling more self-conscious and awkward than I normally would. And I’d wake up in the middle of the night and the sheets would be soaking. I felt my entire body had turned into a prune.

"Then there was the forgetfulness: my phone was in the fridge, my keys ended up in the bin. This reached really frightening levels, I forgot everything. Words, names, events – everything."
Through their podcast, McCall and Douglas, 48, have been open about their relationship which has been going strong since 2019.

The Masked Dancer judge recently revealed that the couple were finding ways to celebrate traditions now they are living together.

McCall said: "I am quite enjoying as a new couple doing new things, because we are newly living together.

"It's quite nice making new traditions because we did that before Christmas, we sat down together and talked about it: ‘Ok, blank space, what shall we make tradition from now on?’.

"My granny and my dad were ardent royalists; my sister was an ardent royalist.

"I have to admit, I never really watched the Queen's Speech but I was really interested to watch the King's speech this year because it was the first one.

"I loved it because Rebecca stood up and did a salute because my dad would have done that and I loved her for that. I really liked watching it. Let's make it a new, living together tradition."

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