Dad shares note he puts in daughter lunch box after staff comment on contents.

A Dad has created a note to go inside his daughters lunch box after school staff told her she couldn’t eat certain items.
Dad Ross, who runs his own wax melt company, Teddy Eva Scent, shared on TikTok that he was forced to put a label on his daughter's lunchbox after school staff said the contents weren't healthy. The note read: "Welcome to Isabelle's lunchbox, we are aware of the contents of this box and are happy for Isabelle to eat whatever she wants." He was fed up with school staff telling his kids what they should and shouldn't eat, and that the parents should decide.

He sent his daughter to school with her lunchbox and new label and hoped the staff would back off, however it didn't quite go to plan. In another TikTok video, he revealed what his daughter didn't eat from the lunchbox. The contents included a sandwich, carrots, rainbow drops, an apple, crisps, a pear, and a chocolate egg. Isabelle ate her sandwich and a few bites of her apple but didn't touch the rest of the food in her lunchbox.
His daughter claimed staff said she wasn't allowed to eat her sweets until she had eaten her carrots, which had fallen on the floor. "What do you want her to do?" Ross asked. He also pointed out that her sandwich 'contained more sugar than the rainbow drops.'

"Of course, she got in the car and was immediately hungry. Nothing was said about the label."

Ross also raised a very good point when he said that it is okay for the school to give children a cookie or cake after their school dinner, but it wasn’t okay when they had one in a packed lunch.
The dad has said he will be talking to the school directly to sort the issue out, and it seemed many parents could relate. The video has been viewed over 400k times, and many parents voiced their outrage. One wrote: "This literally winds me up so much! Kids have minds of their own and can choose what they want to eat! You obviously approved everything in there!"

"Sick of schools being able to dictate what kids eat! Do they check all the teachers bags to make sure they’re not bringing in junk," another commented. A third said: "my son's primary school used to go round taking stuff out! let them eat! it's better than nothing!"

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