Dad asks his 7-year-old son to be his ‘Best Man’ not knowing he’d bring audience to tears

Aside from the bride and groom, the two next important people in a wedding are the maid of honor and the best man.

They will be the direct supporters of the newlyweds during the wedding planning as well as on the big day itself, which is why the individuals who will play these roles are carefully chosen by the marrying couple.
The best man is usually the groom’s closest friend, or if not, one of his male relatives, such as a brother or a cousin. But the best man in this story is someone you would never have expected – it is none other than the groom’s 7-year old son.

Yes, you read that right. The best man at this wedding is a child! Normally, one would think that it could only lead to a total disaster – how could a kid fulfill this role well, and most importantly, what would he say during his best man speech?

A lot, apparently, for the little best man in this story.
Vincent del Bono was chosen by his dad, Nick, to be the best man at his wedding. And it is not hard to see why.

The kid exuded extraordinary confidence rarely seen in a child his age. With sheets of paper in hand, Vincent looked more than ready as he ran to the stage to give his speech.

Customarily, he began by introducing himself to the audience.

“For anyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Vincent del Bono, and I’m my dad’s best man.”

With a naughty grin on his face, he quickly followed with, “I’m also a ladies’ man.”

This statement expectedly drew hoots and laughter from the crowd. This boy definitely knew how to deliver an energizing intro!
The boy dropped a few more humorous lines before getting to the more serious parts of his speech.

“Whether my dad is a real superhero or not, he is my superhero. He can’t fly or anything, but he has even better powers.”

During this part, the audience grew quiet, and his dad is seen holding back tears while being comforted by his wife Lauren.

“He takes care of me when I’m sick. He reads me stories every night before bed. He taught me how to ski, he taught me how to throw a baseball, he teaches me how to have good manners. He’s at every single game of mine and he can always make me laugh. But most of all, he loves me. I’d say those things make him a superhero.”
This time, it was clear that Vincent didn’t just take that stage, he dominated it with his touching and genuine words of appreciation to his dad. And of course, like every good best man, he didn’t forget to acknowledge the bride.

“Lauren fits in with us in every way. She’s silly with us, she takes care of us, she can hang with the boys and there’s no other girl that I would want as part of our three silly butts.”
The bride can be seen holding back her tears, clearly moved by Vincent’s own boyish way of saying that he loves her.

Towards the end, the boy spoke one final tearjerker before coaxing the crowd to make a toast for the newlyweds.

“Daddy, I’m glad to call you my best friend and I’m even happier that you asked me to be your best man. But most of all, I love that all three of us are the del Bono family. I love you guys.”

This father and son clearly had a special bond. After the speech, Nick stood up and Vincent ran into him, lifting his son to give him a big hug.
“That was awesome!” Nick praised the boy and gave him a high-five like true best buddies.

What a beautiful speech, and more remarkably, what an intelligent little boy! For him to be able to say those wonderful words is a manifestation that Nick raised his son well, and that he grew up in a household filled with love and joy.

Watch the video below to hear Vincent deliver the BEST best man toast ever!

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