CNN anchor Kasie Hunt gives birth on bathroom floor after 13-minute labor

A US news anchor and chief national affairs analyst for CNN has had a shock delivery after giving birth to a baby girl on her bathroom floor.

Kasie Hunt - who already shares three-year-old son Mars with husband Matthew Mario Rivera - made the announcement that she'd welcomed another baby to the world via her Instagram page.

Though, her second delivery was quite different from what she expected, having already been booked in for a Caesarean section.

"WELCOMING HERSELF TO THE WORLD: My husband [Matthew Rivera] & I are thrilled to introduce our daughter, Grey Hunt Rivera - though really, she introduced herself," Hunt wrote in the caption of the Instagram post she shared with her 98,500 followers.

"Grey was delivered by dad on the bathroom floor after 13 minutes of labor, before we even had time to dial 911, and 24 hours before she was scheduled to arrive via C section. We are so thankful for the DC Fire and EMS team who talked us through the incredibly intense moments before she took her first breaths, and who arrived within minutes to bring mom and baby safely to the hospital. Big brother Mars could not be more proud, and we couldn't be more excited for life as a family of four," she added.

In a subsequent interview with PEOPLE magazine, Hunt described the shock delivery, telling the outlet that she was so grateful to have the experience of becoming a mother again following the removal of a benign brain tumor. "We are thrilled to be able to celebrate this after the health trials I had over the past year. Expanding the love in our lives is the perfect way to keep healing," she said.

Hunt, 37, revealed that the brain tumor was discovered soon after she began complaining of chronic migraines. "Once we learned that, then we really had to take some action, because that was a really scary thing to learn," she told PEOPLE in 2021. "Once you see growth in the brain, that means that there is a tumor growing in the brain."

The former MSNBC journalist then spoke about how she dealt with her diagnosis as a young mother, adding: "Suddenly, I have to figure out, what does this mean for us, for our family? It really knocked me back on my heels for a little while. The next step was, okay, what's the absolute best way to make sure that we can figure out a way to beat this and not let this be something that defines me? Defines my family, defines my life, my job, all those things."

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