‘I Spent Almost $5,000’: Customer Says He Visited Starbucks 653 Times In 2022

A new TikTok posted by Liam (@liamsayywhaat) might make you think that those folks warning millennials to stop buying avocado toast to save up for a house may have been on to something. Just replace avocado toast with Starbucks.

In the clip, Liam says that he received a Starbucks year-in-review email from the popular coffee chain. It includes a cumulative review of all the visits he made along with the amount of Star rewards points he accumulated.

“Did anybody else get an absolutely fucking unhinged email from Starbucks?” Liam begins. “I just got my Starbucks wrapped for this past year. Let’s see what it said, shall we?”

Liam proceeds to show a screenshot of the email showing his stats. “I went to Starbucks 653 times. I had 11,060 stars and if you know anything about Starbucks it’s 2 stars per every dollar you spent,” he claims. “So, I spent almost $5,000 at Starbucks. I spent $5,000 at Starbucks last year.”

The clip then transitions to him sipping out of a large Starbucks iced beverage, before saying, “Child anyways, so.”

Starbucks’ Year in Review email is similar to Spotify’s “Wrapped” end-of-year breakdown of all your music choices. The coffee chain sends the Year in Review to Starbucks Rewards Members via email, so if you’re interested in checking it out, make sure you sign up for the promotion either on Starbucks’ website or within the franchise’s mobile application.

Redditor @Sillyjones uploaded a screenshot of their own Year in Review infographic, which shows what their favorite drink was, along with how many store visits they made, and how many Starbucks rewards points they racked up.

In the comments section of the Reddit post, some people said they still hadn’t received their Year in Review email despite knowing others who did.

As for Liam’s TikTok, there were a number of users who were shocked at the number of times he visited the coffee chain.

“So you went like twice a day,” one person wrote.

Another penned, “How do you go to Starbucks more times than days in the year?”

Some seemed concerned about the amount of money that Liam was spending every single year at Starbucks, with one user writing, “Let’s check that math because you spent a minimum of $5,530 at Starbucks.”

Another TikToker remarked, “Think about how much you’d save by making coffee at home.”

Others thought that Liam was the type of individual that many money-saving-hacks articles were talking about.

As one user put it, “You are the person the advice of ‘stop buying coffee for a house down payment’ is talking about.”

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