After A Head Injury, A 16-Year-Old Girl Wakes Up Every Day Thinking It’s June 11

If you’ve seen the 1993 comedy hit Groundhog Day, you’ll likely recall that the entire premise of the film is Bill Murray’s character waking up on the exact same day every single morning and how he wants so badly to escape out of that repetitive alternate universe.
This video from Inside Edition shares the true story of a 16-year-old girl from Illinois who is suffering from a rare form of amnesia after a head injury. She wakes up every day thinking that it’s June 11.

Riley Horner attended a dance on June 11, 2019, and when a teen boy was crowd-surfing and accidentally fell on her, she suffered a blow to the head. She was rushed to the hospital, where she began having seizures. Her parents were sick with worry.

During her hospital stay, Riley underwent a series of tests, but everything came back normal.

Every two hours, Riley’s memory is wiped clean. Daily activities such as doing schoolwork or even driving are now difficult and even potentially dangerous tasks.

“I do not wish this on anybody. This is horrible. This is torture,” Riley’s mom, Sarah, explains through tears.

“It’s pretty scary because it’s like the total opposite of who I was. I’m like a different person now,” Riley describes.

Desperate for answers, Riley and her parents flew to Utah to consult with a team of specialists from Cognitive FX, a clinic specializing in concussions and brain trauma, about her condition. After a series of complex tests, it was finally discovered that Riley indeed suffered a severe concussion that previous tests had missed. The concussion ended up affecting her brain’s ability to store and process information.

To learn what the specialists have to say about Riley’s possible road to recovery, check out the full video from Inside Edition.

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