Adrian Chiles horrified after being told bloke makes £1k a day impersonating him on OnlyFans

Adrian Chiles was left horrified after being told a bloke makes £1,000 a day impersonating him on OnlyFans... I mean, there's a lot to unpack there, isn't there?
Basically, old Chilesy was minding his own business when someone sent him an article about a man called Mike, from Leeds, with the headline of the piece reading: "I make a GRAND A DAY cos they think I'm ADRIAN CHILES."

Initially, it was all too much for the 55-year-old.

"The pictures featured an all but naked man with his bits obscured," the presenter wrote in a column for The Guardian. "He looked a little like me.

"Gingerly, I expanded the image so I could read the text. As soon as I'd got the gist of the story, recoiling in horror, I pinched the page smaller again so I could read no more.
"I'd seen as much as I could stand for a moment."

But if that was too much for Chiles, he wasn't prepared for what lay ahead.

In the Sunday Sport article, Mike - a former social care worker - explained that there were fetishists called 'Chillies' who would move from vanilla requests to 'hard stuff'.

The piece read: "They asked me to strip while reading out the weekend's football scores or describing Brummie landmarks but it soon got darker.

"Someone paid me £500 to read out Chiles' column in The Guardian while performing a sex act on myself. I thought at the time: 'This is weird'."

Mike continued: "It's mostly men but there's a woman who pays me £200 a week to eat crumpets naked and dribble butter down my front all while spouting inane drivel in a West Midlands accent. Takes all sorts, I suppose."

Now, in case you weren't aware, it's worth pointing out that the Sunday Sport is known for publishing stories that aren't totally true.
For all I know, there could be a Mike from Leeds who looks a bit like Adrian Chiles who rakes in a grand a day on OnlyFans - but I certainly have my doubts.

As for what The Real Slim Chilesy made of it all, well, he had mixed emotions.

"My emotional response to all this has taught me a few things about myself, good and bad. Mostly bad," he wrote.

"It must say something awful about me that I can't shake off a distinct feeling of pride. I put this down to an inherent lack of self-esteem, mixed into a heady cocktail of twisted vanity.

"If I found out the story was entirely made up, I'd be relieved but also a little disappointed.

"And finally, I must admit I did think, if only briefly, that this chap's making a grand a day, and if things went very wrong for me – well, never say never."

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