Actress Barbara Eden, 91, stuns as she walks the red carpet

Famed Hollywood actress Barbara Eden has proved that age is purely just a number as she stunned on the red carpet on Wednesday this week.

The 91-year-old wore a marbled blue jacket and smart black cigarette pants while attending the Remus Pre Award Tea Time event at the Beverly Hills Hotel, the Daily Mail reported.

The Arizona-born personality has had an illustrious career in the entertainment industry, having first begun acting in 1950.

Eden has starred in 50 television and feature films, as well as countless television series and plays - her most memorable role, however, was as Jeannie in the 1960s sitcom I Dream of Jeannie.

First airing in 1965, the show centered on a handsome astronaut named Tony Nelson (Larry Hagman) who discovers a 2,000-year-old bottle that just so happens to house a buxom blonde genie named Jeannie who speaks Persian. When Nelson expresses his wish that she could speak English, she does.

The show's memorable theme song and iconic Jeannie pose have made it one of the more recognizable of the era, though it wasn't without controversy. In fact, at the time Jeannie's outfit choice was considered quite scandalous due to the amount of skin that was on display - her hip-hugging pink harem pants and matching top showed off so much of her stomach that her navel ended up being edited out.

After five seasons of sexual tension between Jeannie and Nelson, the pair eventually got hitched, as that was what producers thought would be a great ending to the series. Eden, however, argued that the speculation on whether the astronaut and the mystical beauty would ever get together is what made the show great. She ended up being right, as ratings plummeted following the marriage, and the show was eventually canceled, per Screen Rant.

Eden has previously opened up about her most famous role and how much she loves the fact that audiences have been able to connect to Jeannie.

"She's easy to live with. She really is. I like her a lot. I think what makes me so happy is that so many people around the world like her. Not me. They like that character. And they like the show for what it is. It takes people out of themselves and into another world. and I appreciate that. I like it very much," Eden told PEOPLE in 2021.

Then in 2022, Eden recalled working with 25-year-old Elvis Presley on the 1960 movie Flaming Star - telling PEOPLE that she didn't have a romance with him like many of his leading ladies did.

"Elvis was a delight. He didn't get the girl and he died - and he was fabulous! He was so wonderful. I think it was the only film he did that he got really good reviews for his acting and he didn't sing a song. His fans hated it, but the critics loved it, and he was a joy to work with," she revealed.

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