A Husband Who Bought 55,000 Dresses For His Wife Explains The Reason For His Obsession

The New York Post shared a video of its segment "Extraordinary People" about a man, Paul Brockman of East Mesa, Arizona, who has spent his life collecting beautiful dresses for his wife, Margo. Paul has the largest designer collection of dresses in the world!
Paul said, “Whenever I seen a nice dress, I bought it. Because I never wanted my wife to wear a dress twice.” Men, start taking notes — it’s obvious that Paul knows what he's talking about!

Over the years, Paul has bought Margo about 55,000 dresses. In the video, a truck is shown filled to the top with bags full of these dresses on their way to be sold. We then see a quick slide show of some of the dresses that Paul has bought, and let me just say, if I were able to, I would buy all of them.

Paul then confesses that Margo was not as into the dresses as he was. Margo says, “I didn’t really know at first what he was doing. And every time I turned around, he had a new dress for me.”

When Paul went to dances when he was younger, he would always look for the girls who had the prettiest dresses on, and they would be the ones he would ask to dance.

According to Paul, Margo had on a very beautiful dress the night they met, and they danced all night and even fell in love that night; it was love at first sight for them. They both love to dance, and Paul wanted Margo to have a nice dress every time they went out together.

Taking Margo out and wanting her to feel her best is what inspired Paul to continue buying her dresses. Paul claims that "when you're in love, you’re like a bat: You’re blind."

His main sources for buying all those dresses were garage sales, estate sales, and some close connections with people from Sears. Once their garage was full of dresses, Margo informed Paul that he had to stop! So, in 2014, Paul stopped purchasing dresses and decided to sell them with the help of his daughter.

To hear Paul and Margo’s full story, click the video!

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