2-Yr-Old Dances His Heart Out And Steals The Spotlight With Cutest Paso Doble.

There’s nothing cuter than a little child expressing their joy through dance… and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen an energetic kid break it down.
Remember this goofy kid who stole the spotlight at a Rascal Flatts concert? But William Stokkenbroe, the adorable little boy in the videos below, might be the best little dancer we’ve seen yet! William is only 2 years old when he performs these dances, but he shows no fear of the crowd as he dances a bold Paso Doble.


Paso Doble is a dramatic style of dance, originating in Spain. The style of music was first introduced during a bullfighter’s entrance to the ring… so clearly, it’s a very theatrical style of dance! It looks like William has the drama down. Just look at that flair!

William’s parents, Kristina and Peter Stokkebroe, are parts of a professional dance team in Denmark, so William has clearly been exposed to dance since the beginning.

It might just be impossible to watch William dance without cracking a smile! Take a bow, William. You’ve earned it.

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