'1000-Lb Sisters' star Tammy reveals dramatic weight loss in new photos

Tammy Slaton has revealed new photos showing a dramatic weight loss and her fans are incredibly proud of the 1000-Lb Sisters star.

The 36-year-old had left viewers concerned after the third season of the show ended on a cliffhanger where she was rushed to the hospital due to her health issues after she stopped breathing at a weight loss facility.

Coming into the fourth season of the show, it was made clear that Tammy's weight was a significant health issue with her brother claiming that she had to undergo surgery or she risked death.

It would appear that Tammy took her family's concerns to heart, as she has unveiled new photos that show a dramatic weight loss.

During the most recent series of the TLC show, Tammy hit her goal weight after she dropped from 717 lbs to 534 lbs, and she revealed that she was proud of herself.

Not one to post on social media often, the TLC star has updated her fans on her weight loss journey as she shared several photos of herself that showcase the dramatic change.

Fans flocked to the comments where they showered Tammy with praise, especially after the recent health scare that occurred last year.

"Gotta admit Tammy, you proved a whole lot of us wrong. Way to go & keep it up," one person wrote, with a second adding: "I think I speak for everyone when I say WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU."
A third said: "Yes, everyone is so proud of you. Never give up and keep taking care of yourself and loose [sic] the weight you need to. It's easy to get comfortable and go back to your old habits but I believe in you. You look so awesome and have another chance at life. Keep up the good work."
According to The Sun, Tamy has lost around 300 lbs in total as she embraces her new lifestyle, with Southen Indiana Combat Production sharing photos to their Facebook page showing Tammy and her younger sister Amy holding a belt.

Fans were over the moon to see Tammy standing unassisted in the photos after having had to use a wheelchair due to her battles with her weight affecting her ability to stand and walk.

Viewers of the series have been following her journey, most recently finding out that she had lost enough weight to be eligible for gastric band surgery to further help her reach a healthy size.

The 36-year-old rose to fame back in 2020 on TLC's reality TV show 1000-lb Sisters where she - along with her sibling, Amy - gave us a glimpse into their lives as medically overweight women.

Despite her health issues over the years, Tammy found love with 39-year-old Caleb Willingham who she married at Windsor Lane Rehabilitation Center in Gibsonburg, Ohio, as reported by People.

We think Tammy looks great and we wish her all the best as she continues working on her health.

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