Woman Asks To See $28,000 Ring At Costco And Puts Cheaper Ring Back In Clerk's Hand

It's the jewelry switcheroo heard across the country …
A 49-year-old woman walked into a Costco store in Clifton, New Jersey, on a Sunday afternoon. She headed straight for the jewelry department and asked the clerk if she could see one of the beautiful diamond rings she had spotted inside the case.

The ring was priced at $28,000.

She looked at the ring, held it in her hand, and tried it on before handing it back to the employee and walking off. She didn't make a purchase.

As it turned out, the woman had secretly swapped the expensive ring for a cheaper one that she had allegedly stolen earlier that same day from a different Costco location!

This ring cost $1,999.99. But by the the time management realized they'd been duped, the woman had already slipped out of the store.

Police eventually tracked her down at home, but the stolen ring was nowhere to be found …

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