TX Woman Who Pled Guilty To Killing Friend And Stealing Baby Sentenced To 55 Years

A plea deal was reached in a case in Texas that seems like a plot from a Lifetime movie. Unfortunately, this is real life.
Magen Fieramusca, 37, pled guilty to murdering her friend, 33-year-old Heidi Broussard. Fieramusca was also accused of kidnapping Broussard’s newborn baby. For her crimes, Fieramusca was sentenced to serve 55 years in prison. As part of the plea deal, Fieramusca waived her right to appeal.

The crimes took place in Austin, Texas, in 2019. It all began when Broussard and her 3-week-old baby disappeared. When authorities began investigating, it became clear that Fieramusca was somehow involved. This case attracted much media attention.

Police eventually found Broussard’s baby. The child, Margot Carey, was safe in Fieramusca’s car. Broussard’s body was in the trunk.

Broussard was last seen dropping her older child off at school. She was captured by Fieramusca on December 12, 2019. Fieramusca killed Broussard and placed her body in a black duffle bag.

Broussard’s cause of death was strangulation. It was ruled a homicide by authorities. Baby Margot was unharmed and returned to her father.

Travis County District Attorney José Garza issued a statement about this case. “We are hopeful that this outcome will bring some closure to the Broussard and Carey families and help them continue their healing process,” Garza said.

A heartbreaking detail of this case is that the women were good friends. Broussard and Fieramusca met about 10 years before at a church camp. Fieramusca had keys to Broussard’s apartment.

The women discussed being pregnant together and possibly even giving birth on the same day. Broussard’s fiancé told authorities that Fieramusca claimed to give birth on December 8 or 9, 2019. He never saw photos of her alleged baby girl. This was all part of Fieramusca’s scheming.

Investigators quickly discovered that Fieramusca’s alibi did not hold up. At first, she told authorities she was at the beach with her cousin on the day Broussard went missing. She then changed her story and said she gave birth that day. She was not able to elaborate further or provide details of her delivery.

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