Teen Runs From Store To Grab Injured Lady In Pink, But Has No Clue His Aunt Is Filming

In October 2016, an elderly woman felt the brunt of her old age while attempting to run errands on a Sunday afternoon.
The 81-year-old drove herself to a Dollar General in Experiment, Georgia. All she wanted to buy was a bottle of soda, but her health issues made it difficult for her to even make it into the store.

The woman had recently fallen and hurt her back. She could barely walk as a result.

It was clear the elderly woman was having a tough time in the Dollar General parking lot. She was visibly struggling to enter the store — yet the other customers were just standing around, not doing a thing to help.

Grown men walked passed her, looked at her and kept walking while she stumbled.

Yes, everyone at the store ignored her — everyone except for a 17-year-old high school student who decided to do something about the struggling old woman.

However, he had no idea that his Aunt Connie was recording the whole thing.

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