Source Close To Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Says Family Is Thriving With New Baby

It is a difficult balancing act being a parent in the public eye. Celebrities understand their brand is how they make a living, but they also want to protect their children who did not make that choice. Actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds work hard to keep their private lives with their children sacred.
Blake revealed on Super Bowl Sunday that she had given birth to her fourth child. The child’s name is unknown at this time, but a source close to the family revealed to People magazine that everyone is doing well and thriving. This is so nice to hear.

"Blake and Ryan are amazing together. Ryan is a great dad. He is very sweet to Blake. They are very excited about the new baby. The older siblings have adjusted great," the source revealed. Beyond the new addition, Ryan and Blake have three daughters: James, Betty, and Inez.

The source goes on to praise Blake for her maternal skills. "Blake is the best mom," the source said. "She is surrounded by friends that shower her with gifts for all the kids. She and Ryan are a favorite couple. It's a goal for many of Blake's friends to have what she has."

Blake and Ryan have not yet revealed the gender of their new addition. Prior to the baby's birth, the actors both expressed a preference for a girl for different reasons.

"I know girls, so I'm kind of hoping that," Blake mused. Ryan, who grew up as one of three brothers, joked that his childhood home was filled with "arsonists and firemen." For his "well being," he said he wanted a girl as well.

To learn more about this growing family, watch this video.

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