Skater's Gutsy "Riverdance" Routine Makes Stadium Go Wild When Tempo Changes.

There is a certain thrill in watching high-adrenaline sports teams compete, but ice skating will never cease to mesmerize. Perhaps it’s the impressive routines, the fantastical outfits, or just the song choice — whatever the reason, these athletes are truly a delight to watch.
One particularly impressive skater, though, is Jason Brown. He manages to combine all of those artistic pieces to create a masterpiece of a performance.
In 2014, Jason pulled off one of the most captivating routines in recent memory. Just 19 years old at the time, that incredible performance won him a silver medal at the U.S. Championships.

The routine was set to music from “Riverdance” and secured his spot on the U.S. Olympic team. The team went on to win a bronze during the Sochi Winter Olympics.
Jason’s artistry is impeccable, he’s so passionate, and he wows audiences the world over.

While discussing his decision to dance to “Reel Around The Sun” from “Riverdance,” Jason said:

We wanted to find something really special and something that was going to be really challenging and hard for me as a skater and for me as a performer and a piece of music that would help me grow and would push all my boundaries…

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