Seagull Smashes Into Teen's Face While On Thrill Ride At New Jersey Amusement Park

A teen girl had an unforgettable ride on a New Jersey amusement park ride. Kiley Holman, a 13-year-old from Weatherly, Pennsylvania, traveled to the Jersey Shore in celebration of her close friend's 14th birthday.
Kiley and the birthday girl, Georgia Reed, were at Morey's Adventure Pier on July 6 when they decided to go on the Springshot ride. The ride launches you 75 feet in the air, but since both girls had been on the ride before, they weren't worried. That feeling changed when Kiley saw a seagull flying toward her while she was on the ride.

"It was going the opposite way and came right back at me," she told NBC Philadelphia.

The seagull flew into Kiley's face, momentarily latching onto her. "I didn't want to fall out of the ride so I waited for it to spin over once and then I quickly grabbed it and threw it off," she said.

The ride's video camera captured the entire incident, shown here. Kiley was able to throw the bird off her, and it flew away. Both she and the bird were uninjured.

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