Olive Garden Server Charges Woman $9.99 For Sharing Food: 'That's Why You Don't Get A Tip'

A server at Olive Garden is going viral in a big way, and the internet isn't quite sure what to make of it.

In February 2023, TikTok user @ariel.marie824 uploaded a five-second video that appears to show her holding a bill while in an Olive Garden uniform. The text on the video reads, "POV you witnessed the guest who said she wasn’t hungry eating some soup and salad so you charged $9.99."

Viewers were immediately surprised by the video, with some leaving comments that indicate they believe the server made the wrong call. One person wrote, "If someone needs to share a soup and salad they’re probably struggling. I wouldn’t be so proud of myself for charging them."

Others weren't sure this was really worth the server's time. As one person put it, "Girl….ik they dont pay you enough to do all of that."

Another person shared a story of something similar happening to them, explaining, "This happened at a village inn. My husband took a couple sips of my coffee and they charged us for an entire pot!"

Still, some people understood where the server was coming from. As a third person put it, "Y’all saying that’s her tip but if the lady is sneaking a shared meal I promise you she probably wasn’t gonna tip anyways."

Was the server right or wrong? Be the judge after you watch the video below!

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