Nervous Couple Flies Home With Adopted Baby; Strangers On Plane Throw Impromptu Shower

Dustin and Caren Moore were flying from Colorado back home to California with very precious cargo in tow.
After nine long years of trying to have a baby, the couple had just adopted a newborn baby girl. It had been a long and exhausting week of paperwork and preparation; the new parents were anxious, scared, and excited to get home and begin their new lives as a family together.

The flight was going smoothly, until their daughter woke up and started crying on the plane. Dustin and Caren didn't want to disrupt the other passengers, but their daughter needed her diaper changed. One of the flight attendants, named Jenny, kindly made space for them in the back of the plane.

While standing in the back, Jenny complimented the beautiful baby and, out of curiosity, asked Dustin and Caren where they were heading with such a young, tiny infant. Dustin casually explained that he and his wife had just adopted her.

Ten minutes later, Dustin and Caren were back in their seats when another flight attendant, Bobby, came to congratulate them. Apparently, word was spreading fast.

Moments later, the intercom switched on, and Bobby made an unexpected announcement. What followed was an impromptu surprise that caught Dustin and Caren completely off-guard ... and it showed them that there are some amazing people in the world.

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