Mom who is picky about her baby's clothes asks guests to only gift diapers at baby shower, sparks debate

A baby shower is a special occasion for a mom-to-be, where she enjoys being with her dear ones and is showered with gifts that will help her in the next phase of life. When it's their first child, women usually prefer to get everything from a car seat, clothes and pacifiers to burp clothes. But later, they sometimes get more specific about what they need for their next child as they already have a lot of stuff from their first child. However, a mom asked for diapers at her baby shower, which did not go well with her guests. In a Reddit post, a mom u/One-Poetry-7005 wrote, "I am pregnant with my second child. My baby shower is coming up in April so I sent out invitations the other week."
The 31-year-old went on to say that she is "very picky" about design aesthetics when it comes to baby clothes. "I hate the modern trend of beige and muted colors and tacky text, especially on baby onesies. I cannot expect my family and friends who aren't super close to me meticulously pick out baby clothes to my liking as that's completely unreasonable so on the invitations I requested that guests bring diapers only," she wrote.

The woman added that she has a lot of stuff from her previous child, so she is not looking to get too many clothes and toys anyway. "Last baby shower I got a lot of onesies I didn't like and ended up donating. I don't want my loved ones to waste money and I don't want to pretend I like a gift that I don't," she wrote.
However, some of her guests did not really like her request. She said, "A few cousins messaged me and said that I was being a bit stuck up and ungrateful by asking guests to only bring diapers. They say that they want to spoil the baby too. I said that the baby needs diapers. They're still upset and I'm going, to be honest, I don't really see why."
Many on Reddit supported the mom and said it is not at all an unreasonable request. u/Original_Safe_3143 commented, "NTA. I can’t tell you how many baby showers for second or third kids I’ve been invited to that request either diapers or books if you would like to bring a gift. It’s completely normal where I’m from." u/phenomstar commented, "Baby shower gifts are to get what the baby NEEDS. You need diapers more than you need clothing, it's perfectly respectable to request only those things. Why else would people have gift registries, if not to let people know what would be an acceptable gift? They do this at baby stores too. You've skipped the registry and simplified it to a single item you always need more of." Lily_Of_The_Valley commented, "You can request things that are useful to you. However, just be grateful about whatever you do get and either take it back or pass it along to a women’s shelter that would love to have the new items." u/AlbanyBarbiedoll commented, "Definitely NTA!! I actually think it is SUPER gracious NOT to ask for regular gifts for a second child. A "Diaper Sprinkle" is an adorable way to celebrate a second baby. Your relatives are out of touch. However, let them do whatever they want. You can donate to someone who will appreciate the things you don't!"

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