Mom Lives With 2 Husbands And Raises 3 Kids Under The Same Roof: 'Three Is Not A Crowd'

Shortly after Alexia married Doug in 2004, the couple quickly grew their family with the birth of two sons, Skyler, 14, and Donovan, 11. But their family is anything but conventional, as far as society's traditional standards are concerned.
Alexia is a wife, mother, and professional body piercer — and now she's also a woman with not one but two husbands.

In 2011, Alexia realized she was having romantic feelings for Jake, her best friend of three years. Instead of pushing those feelings deep down and keeping them a secret from her husband, she decided to tell Doug.

Doug's response, much like Alexia's confession, was also pretty atypical: "As long as you still love me fully then let's see if we can make this work."

Alexia and Jake started dating, and now all three — Alexia, Doug, and Jake — live together in Maumee, Ohio. Alexia "married" both Doug and Jacob in a binding ceremony in July 2016, which she describes as a wedding without the legal marriage certificate.

Now Alexia is opening up about her "polyandrous" relationship while she raises her children alongside both men. "Our kids were older when Jake came into our lives," she told Barcroft TV. "So they just call Jake by his first name. Doug is their biological father so obviously he is called Dad."

Last year, Alexia got pregnant and welcomed her third child and first daughter. Both Doug and Jake were in the delivery room while she was giving birth, but this time around, things are being handled differently than with Skyler and Donovan ...

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