Mom Catches Starbucks Barista Stealing Money Off Debit Card And Confronts Her On Camera

In 2016, a mother of three named Juana Martinez received a strange text from her bank. Apparently, someone had used her debit card to spend $212 at a supermarket ... and it definitely wasn't her. The supermarket staff described the woman who used her card. Juana thought she sounded a lot like the barista who had served her at a Los Angeles Starbucks the day before.
Juana had been suspicious of the cashier from the start. After ordering her coffee, the barista took her debit card to the back, claiming she needed more receipt paper.

After the message from her bank, the outraged mother was determined to confront the 19-year-old barista and teach her a lesson, so she returned to the same Starbucks drive-thru. Her husband, who sat in the passenger seat, recorded on his cellphone.

“You come to Starbucks to get coffee, not to get robbed,” Juana said.

Starbucks has since fired the cashier. In a statement to KTLA, Starbucks said, “We were extremely troubled to learn of this incident, and we have been working directly with the customer to address this situation. We value our customers’ trust, and this experience was completely unacceptable. We will support local authorities in any investigation."

The confrontation, which you can see below, went viral with over 2 million views on YouTube.

But Juana chose not to press charges; she said the online shaming was punishment enough.

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