Mom Asks If Her Daughter Can Pet Handler's Service Dogs And Refuses To Hear The Word 'No'

Megan Stoff took her service dog, Nala, to a shopping mall in Pittsburgh. While standing outside the shops, a mother and her child approached Megan to ask if they could pet the on-duty golden retriever.
Megan explained her response in a now-viral Facebook post. "People ask us all the time, so I just said, 'No.' All the dogs are working so it's my go-to answer."

The mother walked away. Megan figured that was that.

But just a few minutes later, the mother circled back, still holding her daughter. She was fuming over the fact Megan was curt in her response. Instead of just saying "no," she felt Megan should have said something like, "No, I'm sorry, they're training."

She also scolded Megan for not having "signs" to dissuade people from trying to pet the dogs. However, Nala's vest is clearly covered in service dog patches.

Megan says the woman went so far as to call mall security on her.

"So much harassment for just saying no," Megan wrote on Facebook. "There was no common sense here."

See the controversial encounter in the clip for yourself.

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