Madonna Looks Unrecognizable at the Grammys, Leaving Fans Shocked & Confused

There were a lot of noteworthy moments from Sunday night's Grammy's telecast (hello, new sad Ben Affleck meme) but nothing quite compared to the strong reaction people had to Madonna's face. The 64-year-old looked noticeably different on the show, prompting many people to wonder if she'd had cosmetic work done.

The Material Girl's face seemed smoother and fuller than normal.

Madonna drew intense criticism for her look, with many people taking to social media to make fun of the changes to her face. Several people on Twitter compared her photo to other unflattering images, like the toy from the Saw franchise.

Others took things a bit further.

"Madonna looks like an embalmed Muppet," someone tweeted.

I really don't understand why some folks still do plastic surgery. I've literally never seen a single person more beautiful or handsome after having plastic surgery. I kid you not, she is Madonna. Look, getting old is not a curse. Just accept it. It's surely better than this. People think surgery is to blame.

Many of her more vocal critics pointed the finger at plastic surgery, claiming that Madonna may have gotten a bit overzealous in her quest to look younger.

"Look, getting old is not a curse," one person tweeted in part. "Just accept it. It's surely better than this."

Her fans were a bit nicer on Instagram.

While the Twitter crowd got downright mean at times and made fun of Madonna's face, her followers on Instagram were a bit more gentle with their criticisms.

"Please bring back your eyebrows," one person wrote of her pencil-thin brows.

"Nah girl ... that is not a look," another wrote.

Not everyone wanted to talk about the changes to Madonna's face.

Lots of people did end up coming to Madonna's defense. Some reminded their followers that Madonna's whole vibe from day one was that everyone should have a chance to be true to themselves.

"Madonna fought so hard so that you can be who you want to be," one person tweeted. "Now she wants to be however she wants to be and people are systematically trying to take this away from her? It's a cruel injustice to be witness to the things I see."

Madonna doesn't look the same as she used to.

The reality is that Madonna is now in her 60s. There are a variety of reasons why she might look the way that she does now, and it's not really for any of us to comment on.

Hopefully Madonna isn't letting all the bad reactions get to her. Based on how confidently she strutted her stuff on stage last night, we're willing to bet she was happy with how she looked.

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