Late-Night Driver Sees 5-Year-Old Carrying A Toy Light, Girl Says She’s ‘Going To The Store’

Marc Breckenridge and his fiancée were on their way home from a casino in Washington state. It was dark and late at night when he suddenly slammed on his breaks.
There, standing in the middle of the road, was a chocolate Labrador retriever.

Marc stopped and turned the car around, just in time to see a 5-year-old blond girl and her friend trying to chase after the dog. The 5-year-old, Paislee, was carrying a light.

Marc sprang from his car and grabbed the girls from the highway, then sat them down as cars whizzed by and narrowly missed them. That's how close the girls were to imminent danger.

The late-night driver asked the girls a slew of questions, like what they were doing outside all alone, and where they were going — and he was absolutely stunned by their response.

Paislee told Marc they were going to the store to buy toys — and the light in her tiny hand was a small light-up baseball bat "to show her the way as they were going to go on their adventure."

"But where are your parents?" he asked.

The unbelievable story about how Paislee and her friend snuck out of their home was just beginning to unfold. And, oh yes, her parents were in for the shock of their lives.

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