'It's Time To Show Who I Am Now' Dog Sitter Finally Shows Face After Horrific Dog Attack

The CBS Mornings YouTube channel shares a news story about a 22-year-old woman named Jacqueline Durand who got attacked on her first day of dog sitting. At the beginning of this video, viewers are given a warning: “Part of the story we’re about to show you is hard to watch and may not be suitable for all children.”
Jacqueline is a college student and an experienced dog sitter in North Texas. She was mauled in the face by two dogs that she was hired to watch over in a Dallas, Texas, suburb. The attack occurred two days before Christmas and one day before her 22nd birthday. Viewers are shown bodycam footage from the police who arrived on the scene. You see the police walking up to the door and as soon as they get close, a dog starts barking and jumping at the door. We then hear an officer state, “I see her feet right there.” Jacqueline had met the dogs before her first day, and they were loving and friendly. But when she showed up the second time, their behavior was not what she was expecting. In the video, the police get close enough to the door to be able to ask Jacqueline if she is OK, and she is able to respond back to them. The two dogs — Lucy, a German shepherd mix, and Bender, a boxer/pit bull mix — pinned Jacqueline down and tore off her nose, ears, lips, and cheeks to the bone. They dragged her from the front door to the living room. The video shows pictures of the horrendous aftermath of the attack.

It took first responders 37 minutes before they felt safe to enter the house. When they finally were able to enter and locate Jacqueline, they grabbed her and ran out as quickly as they could. Once they could officially assess her, Jacqueline was rushed to the trauma center. She had lost 30% of the blood in her body.

Jacqueline was not the one who called the authorities. When the dogs rushed her at the front door, it was left open. That triggered the security alarm.

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