Hilary Swank, Who Is Pregnant With Twins At 48, Says She Thinks Women Are 'Superheroes'

A lot of women realize just how incredible their bodies are once they are carrying a baby. That much is true for actress Hilary Swank, who is carrying two and was just nominated for a Golden Globe, too.
Hilary appeared on The Late Late Show With James Corden this week, where she talked about her hit show, her twin pregnancy, and being nominated.

The Alaska Daily actress, 48, says she is just in total awe of women. "I feel like women are superheroes," she gushed.

"What our bodies do? I have such, like, a whole newfound respect," she went on. "I mean, I love women, I've always loved women, but now, I'm like, 'Wow, we can do this!'"

Hilary is not wrong. Women's bodies are incredible! And a twin pregnancy at 48 has got to be a lot to handle. Clearly, Hilary, who just hit the 27-week mark, is rocking it, and she's ever so grateful.

"The first 16 weeks I had a lot of morning sickness," she said. "All I wanted was fruit. It's not that exciting, I know — it's not like pickles dipped in peanut butter — but a lot of fruit. To the point that one of my costars when they found out I was pregnant, they were like, 'Oh that's why. That's why you eat 10 pomegranates a day, 50 pears.'"

Hilary has been filming her hit show Alaska Daily throughout her pregnancy. Listen to what she has to say about being pregnant on set.

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