Girl Born With 'Spots Everywhere' Is Bullied Over Her Appearance For Years And Now She's A Model

When Marika Nagy was born, her parents pulled back the blankets to find her covered in spots. Though Marika's ultrasounds always looked normal, these spots covered about 60% of her skin.
She was eventually diagnosed with congenital nevus, a type of birthmark. Only one in 500,000 babies are born with this rare condition. And the older Marika got, the more birthmarks she accumulated.

The spots became particularly noticeable on her face and limbs just as she entered middle school … and that's when the relentless bullying started.

Classmates told Marika she looked like a "cow" and that she was "splattered with mud." Girls would corner her in the hallways and physically assault her.

Bullies went so far as to create fake online profiles so they could leave nasty, mean-spirited comments on her photos.

When her self-esteem hit an all-time low, Marika says she spent a lot of time hiding away from the world. She started to believe that she was "ugly."

Then Marika discovered her passion for being in front of the camera.

Now she's in her early 20s, has a baby of her own, and sees herself in a whole new light.

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