Giant metal ball appeared on a beach in Japan and no one knows what it is

As reported by Mirror, a mysterious metal ball has washed up on a beach in Japan and an investigation is in the process to understand what exactly it is. First found by a local woman at Enshu beach in the city of Hamamatsu. Subsequently, the police were informed about it on Tuesday morning. Later, they restricted access to the area and sent a bomb squad to investigate it further. The team used X-ray technology to examine the object's interior and found it hollow. They still do not know what the sphere is or where it came from, according to NHK World News.

A local man who came for a run at the beach said, “That ball has been there for a month. I tried to push it, but it wouldn’t budge.” Moreover, images have been sent to the Japanese armed forces and coast guard for them to investigate the object. Meanwhile, there is a lot of speculation on social media about what the sphere could be at a time when mysterious objects have also been seen in the sky in the United States.

However, The UK is set to carry out a security review after a series of objects that were shot down by the US military, which includes a suspected Chinese spy balloon. The US military intercepted and shot objects out of the sky over Alaska, northern Canada and Lake Huron, according to CNN. John Kirby, National Security Council coordinator for strategic communications, at a White House briefing, said, “I don’t think the American people need to worry about aliens with respect to these crafts. Period. There’s nothing more to be said on that.” He also stated that the objects did not pose any immediate threat, were not sending communication signals and showed no signs of “maneuvering or had any propulsion capabilities” and were not manned.

After the transit of the spy balloon this month, it is reported that the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD adjusted its radar system to make it more sensitive. Melissa Dalton, the assistant secretary of defense for homeland defense and hemispheric affairs, said at a news conference, “We have been more closely scrutinizing our airspace at these altitudes, including enhancing our radar, which may at least partly explain the increase in objects that we’ve detected over the past week,” according to The New York Times.

Some officials theorize that the objects could be from China or another foreign power and may be for testing detection abilities after the spy balloon. Reportedly, the object approaching Lake Huron was flying at 20,000 feet and could be a threat to civil aviation, so President Biden ordered it to be shot down.

In a similar story, in 2020, two weeks after a mysterious metal monolith appeared in a Utah desert, a similar structure was found atop a California mountain. Many local hikers then climbed up to California’s Pine mountain to take a look at the metal structure. It was made with stainless steel and at 10 feet tall, the monolith was similar to the one which was found in Utah. A similar metal column later appeared in Romania and New Mexico as well.

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