Farmer Thinks Cow Is Pregnant With One Single Calf, Witnesses 'One In 11.2 Million' Birth

Farmers are spread all across the United States, even in the cold, barren tundra of Alaska. As you might imagine, some states have more farmers than others. Minnesota is ranked eighth of all 50 states in terms of how many farms each state possessed, according to Beef2Live, a pro-farming website. And earlier this year, during summertime, one Minnesota-based family of farmers got an amazing surprise.
The Beldos are a small farming family based in Minnesota. On May 24, 2018, a pregnant cow of theirs was visibly bigger than expected. But they didn´t expect what happened when it gave birth: Not one but four healthy little calves saw the light of day.

Experts estimate that the chances of a cow having triplets are roughly one in 105,000. Keep in mind that this statistic doesn't account for failed births or those in which baby calves died soon after birth. An article from Minnesota Public Radio indicates that the approximate odds of a cow giving birth to four living calves that did not die soon after birth was roughly one in 11.1 million! Isn't it amazing that this Minnesota-based, small-time farming family got blessed with the lottery-esque odds of having a cow that yielded four healthy calves?

Fortunately, Chuck and Deb Beldo had plenty of room to keep the four calves. They also had plenty of help, as their grandkids were more than happy to entertain the four baby calves they never expected their grandparent's cow would give birth to.

Deb and Chuck Beldo weren't aware of how many babies were going to come out of their pregnant, to-be-momma cow until the birthing commenced. They thought twins would come out because the cow was bigger than normal - they sure thought wrong! Check out the video right below. You don´t want to miss out on the sweet pictures of the grandkids taking care of the cute, black calves.

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