Couple Go Snowmobiling, Find 3 Starving Puppies Living Inside Sheep Carcass On Mountaintop

Corey and Kat were snowmobiling through the beautiful mountains of Utah when they spotted a white fluffy Great Pyrenees dog out in the distance.
The animal lovers could tell the dog had recently had puppies, and they were determined to do whatever it took to save her and find her brood. It was much too cold and remote for them to survive the brutal climate.

Corey and Kat eventually found the three puppies several miles away from the closest paved road — and they were living inside a sheep carcass. They were hungry, wet, and shivering, like little balls of ice.

The carcass of the dead sheep was nothing but some bones and bits of wool. It was clear the canine family had been eating whatever they could find outside in the frigid mountain air, using the carcass as shelter.

"Investigators believe the mother was protecting a flock of sheep on the mountain over the summer, which is typical for the Great Pyrenees breed," WJW reports. "When the rancher went to collect the herd, they believe the dog went off to deliver her babies."

Corey and Kat say they were at the right place at the right time to make this amazing now-viral rescue ...

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