Charles Kimbrough, Beloved Actor Known For 'Murphy Brown,’ Dies at 86

Charles Kimbrough, a stage performer and actor best known for his memorable work on the hit sitcom Murphy Brown, died on January 11 at age 86. Per People, his family confirmed that he died last month of natural causes at Southern California Hospital in Culver City, California.
"[We] mourn the loss of Charles Kimbrough, a client and friend for over 30 years,” his agent, Donna Massetti, said in a statement.

“Whether on stage or in front of the camera he was a joy to behold,” she continued.

Charles was nominated for an Emmy back in 1990 for his performance as Jim Dial on Murphy Brown. He starred in the series over its 247-episode duration between 1988 to 1998.

The comedy series was so popular that it was rebooted in 2018, and Charles brought his character back for a cameo in three episodes.

Diane English, creator of the sitcom, said in an interview in 2007 that Charles was dedicated to his craft and characters, saying that he "wrote a whole biography for his character before he started to play him."

"Charlie is the most lovable, lanky, rubbery, sweet, adorable man," Diane said of the actor in the interview.

"When he came in to read for us as Jim Dial, he brought it all there: ramrod posture, anchor voice, slicked-back hair. He brought a credibility to the character."

Charles also played Victor in Disney’s animated The Hunchback of Notre Dame films and had a long career of Broadway performances under his belt.

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