Bride-To-Be Who Has 3 Months To Plan Dream Wedding Ends Up With 34 Bridesmaids

Casme and Gary Carter had only three months to plan, organize, and host their dream sunrise wedding on the beach of Destin, Florida. It wasn't without its hiccups — like when Casme's original wedding dress was stolen, or her engagement ring fell into the ocean during her bachelorette party.
But there was something very special and unique about the happy couple's wedding, and it went off without a single hitch.

Casme is a singer and entertainer with an outgoing and warm personality. Her work has taken her across the country and back. She has lived in so many different cities and states, from Georgia to Louisiana, and has made many strong female friendships along the way. That's what this story is really about.

The average bride has four to five bridesmaids. In an article published on Brides, Jen Glantz and Elizabeth Mitchell say, "Sometimes choosing bridesmaids can feel like you're the captain of the kickball team looking at a crowd of eligible players, trying to choose the top 5 or 10 for your team."

When it came time to choose her bridesmaids, Casme realized just how many important women exist in her life — and she had no problem feeling like the captain of a team if it meant having them stand beside her on her big day.

On the wedding day, Casme ended up with 34 bridesmaids, including each of her six biological sisters.

And if you can believe it, she says 34 is a low number compared to what it could have been if she hadn't had to cross anyone off the list …

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