Anthony Michael Hall Reveals He's About To Be A Dad For The First Time At Age 54

Becoming a parent is a journey that can bring such joy. Congratulations are in order for one Hollywood couple.
Actor Anthony Michael Hall, best known for his work in John Hughes’ films, and wife Lucia Oskerova are expecting their first child. Both parents-to-be are over the moon about this new expansion of their family. The baby is due this summer, and Anthony, who was born as Michael Anthony Hall, refers to him as "Michael Anthony Hall the II.”

Anthony opened up about how Lucia broke the big news that they were expecting. "Lucia and I were at home. She surprised me by revealing that she was pregnant with an at-home pregnancy test," Anthony recalled to People magazine. "We were kissing, hugging and thanking God. We immediately started dancing and laughing in our bathroom to celebrate the great news."

Lucia and Anthony are working hard to prepare for the new bundle of joy. "She’s tending to every important detail as a proud, expectant mother-to-be. She is now six and half months along," Anthony continued.

Anthony is also making sure he does his part. "As a new father-to-be, I’ve been taking care of family business and making sure we all eat well, with a healthy diet of good foods — plenty of greens, vegetables, fresh fruit and protein-rich food. Lucia makes great smoothies for us. And we are all getting good sleep each night," he stated.

To see these soon-to-be parents in action on the red carpet, watch this video.

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