9-Year-Old Is Killed In Accident, Grieving Parents Find Message She Left For Herself

In March 2018, a fatal accident occurred on an Oklahoma turnpike. Linda Danette Smith Irie, her two young grandchildren, and their cousin were on their way to pick out a lamb for an Easter photo shoot when another vehicle slammed into their car. Linda was killed along with her grandchildren, 9-year-old Brooklynn Newville and her 5-year-old brother Jace.
After the accident, it was said that the teen driver who caused the crash might have been texting at the time.

Isabella Anthony, 6, was the sole survivor and cousin of Brooklynn and Jace. In the wake of the tragedy, she joined her family in spreading awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.

Meanwhile, Brooklynn and Jace's parents, Shaneé and Brian, were grieving the loss of their children. Brooklynn, aka Brookie, was described as a smart and fun-loving child who loved dressing up in tiaras and princess dresses.

It wasn't long before Shaneé and Brian found something in Brooklynn's bedroom they'd only heard about — and now they were holding it in their hands. It was something that, through Brookie's own handwriting, helped the family heal. Watch the video below to see the discovery that changed everything.

"I cannot imagine the pain this sweet family is going through right now," a loved one wrote on their GoFundMe page. "Please pray for them as they grieve the loss of three very special people. If you feel led, please give to help this family make arrangements that no parent ever wants to make, and to help with other needs in the coming weeks, as they are mostly self-employed."

If you would like to help the Newville family in any way, please visit their GoFundMe page.

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