7-Month-Pregnant Mom With Triplets Tries To Induce Labor By Dancing When Husband Joins

In 2013, popular YouTube personality Starrkeisha turned the Baby Mama Dance challenge into an internet sensation. People have been sharing their own versions on YouTube ever since. Many pregnant women who performed the dance at the end of their pregnancies say it helped induce labor.
Cara Chatwin decided to partake in the Baby Mama Dance — only this time, she presented the "Triplet Version."

She was 32 weeks pregnant at the time with triplets, and the babies, as you'll see, looked ready to pop out at any moment.

Cara wanted to celebrate her growing belly and ever-changing body, but she was disappointed to receive some criticism about showing her stomach. Some commenters even said her baby bump looked fake!

However, her dance went viral and garnered a ton of praise, too. Not only did Cara break it down and bust out some epic moves, but she was also joined by her husband, Darik, and their adorable daughter, Gemma.

"She's carrying 3 humans inside of her with all that energy meanwhile I’m over here gasping for air after walking up a flight of stairs," one commenter said. Yep, pretty much!

It's no surprise that Cara went into labor shortly after her Baby Mama Dance. Reese, Royal, and Wren went home after just 20 days in the NICU.

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