4-Year-Old Boy Calls Pizzeria For Help With His Pregnant Mother & The Operator Ignores Him

Would you ever think that a pizzeria would be the place to step in and help a pregnant person in distress? Probably not.
This video story posted by Wonderbot on YouTube shares the tale of a 4-year-old boy who called a local pizza restaurant for help when his pregnant mother was in distress.

When 4-year-old John Winters heard a thump on the floor and saw that his mom was lying there unresponsive, he decided to reach for her cellphone and press a few buttons, which ended up placing a phone call to the last number she had dialed.

“My mommy is on the floor of the stairs and I don’t know what to do,” John said to whoever was on the other end of the call.

His mother, Ginger, had ordered a pizza for dinner that night from Gianni’s Pizza while her husband was out of town. The two ate their dinner, and later that evening, when John was off playing by himself, he heard a loud noise on the stairs.

The pizzeria ended up hanging up on little John, so he phoned them again. This time it was a woman who answered, and John begged her to not hang up on him because he desperately needed help for his mom.

Through a series of questions, a woman named Kelly was able to decipher that John and his mom had ordered dinner earlier that evening, but his mother was now in need of some help.

Kelly told John to stay with his mother and that she was going to send emergency services to his house.

To find out what happened with Ginger and what little John insisted on doing in order to thank Kelly from the pizzeria for her help, watch the full video story by Wonderbot.

While we can’t verify the facts of the heartwarming story told here, we think you’ll be delighted with its sense of wonder and serendipity. We could all use a break from the cycle of negative news. Enjoy!

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